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The noble opal is an incredible gem. Its shimmering colors change depending on the angle of view, the light and can be declined according to the colors of the rainbow. There are opals known as white opals, whose basic hue is white or milky, or opals known as black opals, which have a much darker basic hue. The so-called "Harlequin" opal has a white or translucent base, with vivid plays of all colors, while others may have a color that will predominate the play of colors. Provenances vary : the most famous is undoubtedly the noble opal from Australia, largely overtaken nowadays by opals from Ethiopia with wider and more spread out color sets.
Opals that do not have color sets are called "common".

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Opal jewelry

These fabulous stones are quite fragile and are mostly cut in cabochons and set on jewels not very exposed to shocks, such as pendants or earrings. Opal rings are then set in a way to protect this amazing stone.
Find among our selection of opal jewelry, THE pair of opal earrings or THE opal pendant that will illuminate your neckline.
Each of the opal jewels we offer are set with noble opals.
We do not offer double or triplet opals. Be attentive at the time of the purchase of an opal jewel as for the quality and the veracity of the stone presented. Unique creation Baume or old jewels which crossed the years, each part with its history. All our jewels are proposed with a certificate of authenticity edited by a Gemmologist approved Appraiser.

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