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Antique fine stones ring - Aquamarine ring - Second hand lapis lazuli ring

Fine stones are also called semi-precious stones but are no less precious than their elders. Often less known, they have however many assets and are very numerous.

First of all, their hue which comes in all variations: the purple of the amethyst ring, the lime green of the peridot ring, the intense and luminous yellow of the citrine ring or the lagoon blue of the aquamarine rings.

Their originality: let yourself be surprised by the intense blue of the turquoise ring, the fuchsia pink of the tourmaline ring, or the vibrant and multicolored hues of the opal ring.

Their price is more affordable than that of classic gemstones with for example the refined quartz ring, the intense onyx ring or the delicate coral ring.

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27 products of 159

Amethyst ring - Aquamarine ring - Opal ring - Citrine ring...

Overview of the most beautiful semi-precious stone rings... It is difficult to list all the gemstones of interest but among them, we have a preference for the Tanzanite ring with its intense violet blue, the carnelian ring with its soft shades, the antique opal ring with its infinite play of colors or the lapis lazuli ring with its shaded gold glitter. A colorful selection of antique or new jewelry that you will not see anywhere else.

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