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Jewelry Expertise and Gold Repurchase

Expertise and gold repurchase in our jewelry store in Poitiers

Maison Baume is a family jeweler specialized in antique jewelry and precious stones since 1975.

Our company has chosen to offer a nationally recognized service : jewelry appraisal, in particular antique jewelry, precious jewelry appraisal, diamond and gemstone appraisal.

To make expertise its jewels is an important act. The expertise jewelry will allow you to know the value of your goods. However, beware, not being legislated, many jewelers call themselves "expert" only the service rendered by them is worthless.

What is an expertise ?

The jewelry expertise is the process by which an Appraiser graduated of state in gemmology evaluates a jewel to give him his value. It includes the drafting of a Certificate of Authenticity, real identity card of the jewel. To do this, the gemologist must establish a strict and precise description of the metals, stones and period. These elements, which compose the jewels, are then described with precision as the dimension, the weight, the hallmark... This is different from a simple visual examination.

At the end of the expertise the certificate of authenticity is delivered to you. This document is valid for 20 years, it is the proof of the value of your jewel. It should be kept as carefully as your jewelry.

Why have your jewelry appraised ?

A jewel expertise can have several objectives : the repurchase of jewels, the expertise of jewels for insurance, the division of jewels within the framework of a succession. The values of expertise will be different according to your objectives. In all cases, call upon our jewelry expertise in order to have an accurate jewelry estimate.

Since 1975, Maison Baume has been offering you the possibility of buying back jewelry in Poitiers. Repurchase of antique jewels, repurchase of gold coins, repurchase of second hand jewels... All the precious objects can interest us.

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