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La Maison Baume : jewelry expertise since 1975


Established since 1975 in Poitiers - France, Maison Baume is specialized in the Purchase and Sale of Precious Jewelry, antique jewels or modern jewels, Jewelry Expertise and Jewelry Creation.

Family business, existing for 3 generations, it has been able, year after year, to acquire a solid reputation on the quality, the uniqueness of the jewels it offers and the jewelry expertise it shows.

Maison Baume is one of the national references for its Jewelry Expertise, espacially antique jewelry.

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Maison Baume thus offers a rigorous selection of jewelry made of precious metals and stones.
Antique jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, sapphire jewelry, ruby jewelry, emerald jewelry, gemstone jewelry are thus showcased and deliver their message of elegance.

Each piece of jewelry is authenticated, controlled and presented to our Certified Jewelry Expert -Gemmologist who evaluates the quality, the work of the materials and stones that compose it and the era of the jewel.


To ensure you of the quality of our jewels, a personalized certificate of authenticity is attached to each purchase on our website.

You will thus possess a true "identity card" of the jewel you have just acquired. This document will allow, if you wish, to subscribe an insurance contract or to have an official document in the case of a sharing or a donation.

It is this tradition of jewelry offer and expertise that the Maison Baume perpetuates through its website.

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Buying gold in Poitiers

We offer you the gold buyback at the best price.
We may be interested in buying gold of any type:

  • purchase antique jewelry
  • second- hand jewelry purchase
  • modern jewelry repurchase
  • gemstones purchase
  • gold coin purchase, gold money...
  • bullion purchase
  • silver, silverware and precious objects purchase

When your gold jewelry has an interest as such, we value the jewel, its period and its composition. We prefer to give a second life to your jewelry and pass it on to a future buyer rather than destroy it.

Our jewelry repurchase proposals are not based on weight, so the price is always higher and more interesting than a jewelry repurchase by weight of gold.

Why choose ?

You are unique, your jewelry must be too.
many jewels look alike. It is common to see the same jewelry worn by many women. Without a soul, without charm, most of them are not matching your personality.
Because we believe that every woman is unique and has her own character, we offer you a collection of jewelry that is truly different.

Made with rare metals, exceptional stones, and having a style of its own, each of our jewels will surprise you and reveal your personality.

Other activities of Maison Baume

Thanks to its experience, Maison Baume has been offering you for more than 40 years :

  •  Purchase jewelry Poitiers 86, purchase antique jewelry Poitiers 86, purchase gold jewelry Poitiers 86.
  •  Purchase gold (purchase gold Poitiers, purchase jewelry Poitiers 86, purchase jewelry Poitiers, purchase silver Poitiers, purchase gold coins Poitiers, purchase gold 86 ...)
  • Jewelry expertise : for insurance, donation, sharing or simply to know the value of your jewelry.
  •  Jewelry deposit-sale
  • Jewelry creation: based on our models, from your materials (gold, diamonds, precious stones, broken or damaged jewelry...) or according to your imagination. Discover some of our creations

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