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Since 1975, Maison Baume has made the choice to offer its customers the best service and expertise in precious jewelry and diamond and gemstone expertise. To assure you of our competence, we offer you the service of our team for your jewelry expertise, whether it is a simple jewelry estimate or a more advanced Gold and Jewelry Expertise.

Our references

Established for many years in Poitiers and benefiting from an important national and international clientele, we guarantee our skills and we are committed to give you the best service. The Maison Baume is one of the French references in terms of jewelry expertise and knowledge of diamonds and precious stones.

Unlike many, we have the triple competence 


Diamond, gemstone and pearl experts with 2 certified gemologists.


Experts in antique jewelry
and modern jewelry


Jewelry experts
and jewelry designer

Here are some of our references and qualifications

In gemmology

The gemmologist is the expert in gemstones and ornamental stones. He is able to identify them whether they are rough, cut, on paper or set within a jewel.

As a constantly evolving field, we continuously cultivate our passion for gems by improving our techniques of identification and investigation of diamonds, precious stones and fine stones and the recognition of counterfeits.

We have the gemmology equipment necessary for a precise investigation of the diamonds and precious stones entrusted to us and do not hesitate to call upon laboratory gemmology to confirm and complete our expertise. Laboratory gemmology carried out in partnership with the largest international laboratories allows us to investigate precisely the nature, origin or veracity of a gem.

We have followed several training courses and obtained several certificates attesting our skills in gemmology.

Thus, we are:
. GEMMOLOGIST FGA - DIPLOMA OF GEM-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain)
. ING GEMMOLOGIST - DIPLOMA OF ING (National Institute of Gemmology)

In art history / Art works and jewelry

Knowing gems on paper is one thing, but mastering the identification of gems set on jewelry is another. Indeed, once set, a gem is no longer fully accessible and may have non-visible areas in which are located identification clues such as inclusions, traces of treatment, breaks ...

Jewelry has evolved through the ages, the materials and their use, the manufacturing techniques and the warranty stamps are as many clues and elements to be evaluated in order to make an accurate estimate of a piece of jewelry.

It is in this very precise case that we intervene. Especially for antique jewelry, we complement our gem expertise with a knowledge of art history, artistic styles and jewelry techniques.

Recognized by our peers for our skills, we have been for many years :

. Jewelry expert approved by the National Chamber of Experts Specialized in Works of Art (CNES).
. Expert gemstones approved by the National Chamber of Experts Specialized in Works of Art (CNES)

. Expert approved gemmology - jewels 19th century to the 1970s by the National Company of Experts (CNE).
. Jewelry expert approved by the National Chamber of Experts in Jewelry, Jewelry and Precious Stones (CNEJPP).
. Jewelry expert approved by the European Chamber of Art Experts (CEDEA)
. Assessor to the Commission of Conciliation and Customs Expertise (CCED)
. Domain Sales Expert
. Expert for the National Museums.

Cautionary note

Everyone calls himself an "Expert"...

Self-proclaimed experts are numerous on the market, especially with the development of the Internet. Thus, the possibilities of online expertise are legion, but without any veracity or legal value. So be very wary!

Not being legislated, any person working in the jewelry sector can call himself a "Jewellery Expert". But do they have the skills and diplomas? Are they recognized by official organizations and accredited by them? We recommend you to be very cautious in order to avoid having erroneous jewelry expertises without legal value.

A serious expertise cannot be done "on photo". Touching the object, checking it from all angles with a magnifying glass and a microscope is a mandatory preamble to a professional expertise.

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