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Natural pearl bracelet or cultured pearl bracelet ?

Without human intervention, the natural pearl is a pearl that has formed naturally. It is often a parasite, a grain of sand, a piece of food, which is at the origin of the natural pearl. Organic substances associated with calcium carbonate, their formation is long, which makes them rare. No two natural pearls are identical. Natural pearls are generally found on antique jewelry.

Since the 1960s, they have been replaced by cultured pearls. Cultivated by man, it is obtained by inserting a nucleon. It will take between 12 and 24 months to obtain a pearl. Several pearls can be produced at the same time in the same oyster.

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Gold pearl bracelet

Discover our collection of pearl bracelets, whether they are set on precious metals such as platinum, silver or gold in all its shades or whether they are bracelets composed only of pearls. Some of them are accompanied by precious or fine stones.
Each of the pearl bracelets we offer is a unique piece, and has its own certificate of authenticity, issued by an Approved Gemologist.
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