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The Aquamarine Art Deco Ring: the quintessence of Art Deco Jewelry

The Art Deco Ring: Conqueror and Avant-Garde

A true artistic revolution, the 1920s was the period during which the acceleration of modern techniques took place. The era is serious, direct, fast. In terms of jewelry, this new aesthetic sought out materials that had not been used before and confronted them. Platinum replaces yellow gold, clean, direct, almost abrupt lines replace the moving contours of the previous period. The contrast of precious gems is the order of the day. 

Art Deco is illustrated in the jewelry. Art Deco jewelry is built around large transparent masses of amethysts, citrines and aquamarines. The frame is more discreet leaving the gems to express themselves. Geometry is present everywhere. The Art Deco ring is its perfect interpretation. Its lines reveal the artistic sensibilities of the time. Pure and precious, it is architectural and so modern.


The perfect illustration of Art Deco Jewelry

Here is a perfect illustration of this artistic trend. This aquamarine and diamond ring is made entirely of white platinum and white gold. Octagonal in shape, it has clean, straightforward contours that frame a central aquamarine with a limpid hue and a surround of brilliant-cut diamonds in brilliant white. Voluminous and yet totally flat on the finger, it is perfectly positioned. Its transparency is perfect.

Collection of the B family, this authentic antique ring was acquired as part of the estate of this family of architects for 3 generations. Mr B would have participated in the World Fair of 1925 and discovered on this occasion the jeweller who created this aquamarine ring at his request. 


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