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Woman sapphire brooch - Art deco sapphire brooch - Modern sapphire brooch

The sapphire is known to come in many shades of blue : clear light blue, or intense deep blue, but there are sapphire jewelry in other colors as those set with pink sapphire, yellow, orange... and all belong to the great family of Corundum. This splendid blue gemstone is one of the four most famous so-called precious stones.

Discover our collection of sapphire brooches elegantly accompanied by diamonds or other stones that you will find set on your favorite precious metal: silver, pink gold, white gold or platinum. Find the right sapphire brooch for you in this selection.

The brooch is an antique accessory, already worn by the Romans in ancient times, and which was then called a fibula. It was used to fasten the fabric of their clothes. Today, the brooch is mainly used to decorate a garment such as a jacket, dress, sweater or vest. Generally, it is chosen according to its aestheticism but also your choice of clothing. Antique brooches come in a variety of shapes and are made from different metals and stones. Here, these are sapphire brooch models that we offer.

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Antique sapphire brooch

Each sapphire brooch is unique, whether it comes from the Art Deco period or the 19th century. Each piece of jewelry is closely studied and our experts follow seven checkpoints to guarantee its quality. Our gemologists appraise each sapphire brooch that we put on sale and we systematically accompany it with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee its quality. If you are looking for a particular sapphire brooch, do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for, as not all of our brooches are on our website yet.

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