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Here you will find a selection of gemstone brooches presented by the Maison Baume. Gemstones are appreciated for their multiple colors and aspects, from the green of the peridot to the purple of the amethyst through the orange red of the coral and the blue of the turquoise. Discover our collection of antique brooches from many periods of our French history. Art Deco brooches, Art Nouveau brooches, Vintage brooches or Napoleon III brooches, you just have to make your choice. This jewel designed to be attached to clothes, is now given a new role : to beautifully tie and decorate hair. What about you ? What place do you reserve for it ?

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27 products of 30

Agate brooch - Amethyst brooch - Citrine brooch

The Maison Baume has been an expert in jewelry since 1975 and presents on its website or in its boutique in Poitiers collections of unique jewelry, whether old, new or designer. Each fine stone brooch is delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Whether you are looking for a 19th century jewel, a 1900's jewel, an Art Deco or Vintage style, you will inevitably find the brooch decorated with fine stones which will correspond to you.

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