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The Tank Ring so representative of its time : Discover more about Tank Jewelry

Calibrated rubies Tank ring, the volumes of the 40s

Very characteristic in its shapes, the tank ring takes its name from the period during which it was born.

During this war period, the difficulties to get precious metals is real and as often in these periods of difficulty, the price of gold goes up. This led to the appearance of massive tank jewels, with a bright yellow color, the opposite of the whiteness of the previous Art Deco jewels. 

The contingent gold must be provided by his client to the jeweler who works "in room". We melt his antique jewelry.

In these troubled times, the possession of jewelry obeys very opposite motives. For some, they are the refuge value which will allow in case of need to take its goods under a weak volume, for the others they symbolize without modesty nor discretion a beautiful success in the "business" sometimes of the black market.  

Tank rings are mostly made of yellow or rose gold. Platinum is always used to set the diamonds. Colored stones are very expensive or non-existent on the market during the war, so some emeralds and sapphires are recovered from antique jewelry. Many are set with round or calibrated rubies which are mostly synthetic. 

The tank ring is characterized by its heavy, voluminous, full forms where the curve and the winding dominate. The metal is treated like a fabric with its drapes, pleats, crumpled, ruffles, ribbons and knots.... The plant patterns are figurative with large leaves, alone or in pairs, rolled one on top of the other, tapered, with very pronounced tips.

A Tank jewel full of feeling

Here is a tank ring typical of this particular period of jewelry. Made mainly of yellow gold, it has a design that makes the setting totally asymmetrical. The gold winding that composes it holds on the top a fall of calibrated synthetic rubies set on a rail. A rose gold winding contrasts on the start of the ring to accentuate the asymmetry and the relief of this luminous tank ring.

It was in 1942 that Mr. D. asked his jeweler in the Rue de Rennes, Paris to create this ruby ring. Intended for his wife whose favorite color was red but who did not have any precious stones, he asked him to set these red synthetic stones so luminous and for a reasonable price. This ring accompanied her until her 80th birthday and she then bequeathed it to her youngest daughter. 


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