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Napoleon 3 cuff bracelet - Yellow gold jewel - Bracelets 19th century

Antique gold cuff bracelet of the XIXth century with passing mesh

This rare antique jewel from the end of the 19th century has a high historical value and symbolizes an era of French history, marked by the industrial revolution, an era full of effervescence but also truly pivotal, as evidenced by the important technical and mechanical evolution but also the revival of clothing.

We propose to retrace the history of this gold bracelet, an astonishing piece with trendy lines for that time, and which marvelously combines both the inspiration borrowed from romanticism still well anchored, and the unmistakable mark of the technical evolution that the techniques of work and the fashion codes knew in full evolution!

This unique piece has been, without any doubt, realized for a particular order in a prestigious Parisian jewelry workshop; Paris was already in this time, the capital and the international reference for fashion!

crédit photo : Wikipédia

An antique gold jewel of great quality

This is an antique bracelet of the so-called "cuff" model : a relatively large piece of jewelry that fits perfectly to the curves of the wrist for greater freedom of action of its owner, thus ensuring more comfort and latitude of action for the latter.
In this period when fashion was the "mirror" of social status, this model of bracelet brought to the toilet of the ladies a certain comfort, while conferring to its owner, the chic and standing of the high society to which these jewels were closely linked.

This elegant Napoleon III period jewel in 18 Kkaratyellow gold is made of articulated pattern made of chiseled gold ribbons and spaced with small gold pearls.
Let's not forget that at that time, the craze for vertical lines was still very present at the end of the 2nd Empire, both in terms of clothing fashion and antique jewelry, evoking patterns with more rigid turns. A real turn in the evolution of styles took place, with the return of more fitted sleeves, leading to the disappearance of the imposing puffed sleeves also called "gigot", for a more modern and current style.

This antique gold jewel is ambivalent; it fits perfectly into the gradual transition of the fashionable dress codes of the time, combining with refinement the modernist lines while keeping the very present imprint of romanticism.

The design of this antique gold jewel is also reminiscent of the workmanship of the period when precious fabrics such as taffeta, silk, organza, satin and velvet were particularly valued and used in high society.

We propose you to discover under all its aspects and more in detail this treasure of historical jewelry:

Discover this bracelet

The lines of the mesh of this antique bracelet are beautifully realized, and thus give an impression of three-dimensionality thanks to the design imbued with reality of the ribbons represented, which, by the presence of gold beads by alternating, is not without recalling the work of goldsmithery of sewing of passementerie of the satin braids of the time.

This technique of work typically French also known as "in-between" can thus achieve a delicate tangle of materials, for a harmony sublimated materials both in order to create clothing and jewelry.

This magnificent piece of jewelry from the Napoleon 3 period transports us directly into a highly symbolic historical period, while highlighting the exceptional goldsmith's work on this unique piece.

The wonder that each antique jewel confers is particular, because it contains a singular history, a "part" of our past, that we can thus jealously seize.

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