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Women's antique pendant - Art Deco diamond pendant - Vintage medal

Pendants have always been worn. First amulets, they then took a more ornamental function, and exist of different types :

  • the crosses: perhaps the most known and worn ancient pendant, exist since the dawn of time declined in different sizes and aspects. The ancient cross has beyond the religious aspect an ornamental function. They can be set with precious stones, pearls, enamel and other precious materials.
  •  Medals had and still have a religious function. More or less worked according to the times, often engraved on the back, the old medals take back the first name and the date of birth of the being to which it is offered.
  • Antique medallions are becoming more and more popular. These antique pendants are often round or oval in shape and can be opened to hide a memory of a loved one - a lock of hair, a piece of cloth or, more recently, photos worn on the chest, close to the heart. Too often damaged or destroyed, this type of antique pendant is becoming rare and increasingly sought after.
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54 products of 124

Women's pendant

If you are looking for a nice antique pendant to complete your outfit, antique medals and lockets will bring the vintage touch you love so much.
- The brooches - pendants have a double function. Set with a pin, these antique jewelry 19th century, had the back of rings or loops for the passage of a chain or necklace to wear as a pendant.
- Ornamental pendants are very varied. The great artistic periods are found in the lines of these old jewelry. Art Deco pendant often in platinum and set with diamonds, onyx or calibrated stones, Art Nouveau pendant in yellow gold with multicolored enamel and illustrating femininity or the plant world or 19th century pendant set with rose-cut diamonds.
Discover our selection of antique pendants. If you do not find the pendant of your choice on these pages, do not hesitate to let us know your search by all our jewelry are not yet on our site.

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