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Guide of maintenance of precious jewels : How to maintain an antique jewel ?

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Depending on your habits, your jewelry may show wear marks.

Silver is sensitive to humidity. Dry it carefully and clean it regularly with a small chamois.

You can use a specific product to clean silver with a small, soft toothbrush. Then, you will rinse your silver jewelry by soaking it in a bath of warm water with a neutral, organic and colorless dishwashing liquid. You can proceed exactly according to this second step for your gold jewelry. As it cools, the water washes away the dirt that has come off.

You will finish this operation by wiping your jewel flat with an absorbent paper, after which you will have to give it back its shine with a chamois.

Having your jewelry repolished by our workshop is a solution, but it will always be done according to the age of the piece. Some antique jewelry has the charm of the antique characterized by their patina that we do not remove.

Tips for using a precious jewel, whether it is an antique or a modern jewel

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when moving heavy objects or playing sports. Be careful with the sudden movements of small children.
  • Take off your jewelry when you sleep.
  • When washing hands, doing dishes, housework, gardening, or going to the pool, beach or hairdresser, remember to remove rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • If you are traveling, be careful not to put your jewelry in a single bag or box, as it could get damaged between them. You can use their case to store them individually or a small bag.

Advice for the care of jewels set with stones

It is strongly recommended to have the crimping checked once a year by a professional (in our workshop for example).

Be aware that a setting can catch on textiles such as silk, tights, scarves, especially when the crimp is clawed.

In everyday life, dust and small dirt accumulate on the back of a stone and prevent the light from passing through. This makes your jewelry look duller and less brilliant.

Stand over a colander lined with a sheet of paper towel. This will allow you to retrieve a stone should it fall. Use lukewarm water with Marseille soap and a small, soft toothbrush to delicately reach the smallest nooks and crannies and restore your jewelry's natural shine.

Never clean your jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Pearl Care Tip

Pearls require special care.

Avoid exposing them to body oils, perfume or scented creams whose alcohol eats away at the nacre.

Since pearls are organic, they are sensitive to wide fluctuations in temperature. High temperatures and direct exposure to the sun can cause them to crack or dry out.

On the other hand, they moisturize on contact with your skin. The best way to keep them shiny is to wear them.

You can clean them by bathing them one night in demineralized salt water.

If you wear it often, it is recommended to re-string a pearl necklace once a year on silk strings with knots so that the pearls do not rub against each other. A newly strung necklace is more rigid and will return to its natural alignment with repeated wear.

Where to get your jewelry cleaned ?

Do not hesitate to contact our workshop for any advice and/or maintenance. We will be the most qualified to revise it and to direct you towards a particular care if necessary.

Contact us for any request for jewelry repair or jewelry cleaning

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