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Emerald : Discover its characteristics and our selection of Emerald Jewelry

Name and characteristics of the Emerald

Emerald comes from the word "Esmerald" from the Greek "Smaragdos" which means: "green gemstone". This noble gem belongs to the beryl family; its fragility and rarity have made it a coveted stone throughout history.

In jewelry, the cut known as "emerald" (rectangle cut or step cut) is the most famous, but it is also possible to find it "cabochon", "pear" or "oval" especially set on emerald pendants or emerald earrings.

Emerald is one of the most expensive gemstones. The very frequent presence of inclusions, gracefully called "frosts" or poetically "gardens" attest to the origin of the stone. Thus emeralds known as "trapiches" contain crystallization phenomena such as a six-pointed star, and are highly sought after by collectors. Trapiche emeralds are found only in Colombia.

Different varieties of Emeralds

This stone belongs to the beryl group, like aquamarine, but it is the most noble of them. Chromium, vanadium and iron, which are in the composition of emerald, explain its color. 

Emerald comes in different shades of green depending on the raw crystal and the deposits from which it comes: from very light green, almost yellow, to very dark green, almost black, the most beautiful of these shades is found halfway between these shades.

Emerald care

Emerald is a particularly fragile gem, as it is naturally characterized by inclusions and fissures. These make it very sensitive to shocks and heat.

It is important to clean your jewelry occasionally. In addition, emeralds are virtually all oiled to facilitate cutting or even to fill in its natural micro-cracks. It is important to avoid removing the oil prematurely by cleaning your emerald jewelry with ultra-sound for example.

If the emerald jewel seems really dirty, you should immerse it in room temperature water for a few hours, then rub it gently with a soft cloth and air dry it.

Be careful, emerald does not tolerate chemicals, ultrasound or heat.

Stories and beliefs around the Emerald

In lithotherapy, the emerald would represent fidelity in the friendly and love relationships by the happiness which it gets. It would push back the negative waves and the bad influences.

It would also increase the wisdom, the patience and would improve the sight. Worn near the heart, it would calm the emotions. It would allow to find the balance and the well-being.

Emerald deposits throughout the world

The most famous emeralds come from Colombia, and more particularly from the mines of Chivor, Coscuez, Muzo which have produced the most beautiful emeralds on the planet. However, there are some very beautiful emeralds from Africa and Brazil.

Famous Emeralds

The largest emerald ever discovered is the size of a watermelon. It is so large and heavy that no one could wear it on a piece of jewelry. This gemstone weighs 57,000 carats (11kg). It was named Teodora, which means "gift of God" in Greek, and was discovered in a Brazilian mine.

One of the most beautiful emeralds on the planet is the Patricia Emerald. This 632-carat Colombian stone is of unparalleled quality for a gem of this size. It is on display at the Natural History Museum in New York.

Choose your Emerald jewel

The emerald can be worn either alone set on an emerald ring, accompanied by diamonds to contrast with its shades of green or in composition within emerald bracelets for example or any other jewelry.

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