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Antique emerald necklace - White gold emerald necklace - Retro emerald necklace

Emerald necklaces are among the most sought after. This rare, beautiful and expensive stone is an enchanting and mysterious gem. Whether you are looking for an emerald necklace or another type of necklace, the pieces of jewelry presented on this site are unique : antique necklaces from different periods, vintage or modern style, accompanied by other precious or fine stones (such as sapphire necklaces). Emerald, from the Greek smaragdos or Latin smaragdus, is one of the 4 gemstones. It is a mineral gem of the silicate group. You will not be able to be indifferent to its famous deep green hue.

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Women's emerald necklace

Discover our collection of emerald necklace in unique specimen. Even if there is no predefined scale of purity like for diamonds, our expert gemologist can analyze the quality of the stone by analyzing the inclusions. This will guarantee you the purchase of quality emerald necklace. A certificate of authenticity will accompany your ornamental jewelry.

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