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Women's aquamarine jewelry - Antique aquamarine jewelry - Vintage aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine is a fine stone, belonging to the beryl family, just like emerald. Its name comes from the Latin ""aqua marina"" because of its blue color and its reflections similar to the water of the sea thanks to its transparency. And its hue varies from light blue to deep blue through green.
You will discover in our collection of aquamarine jewelry and their different shades.
Whether set in white gold or yellow gold, each aquamarine ring matches the current trend, and you will find them in all styles, since it has been used during different artistic eras.

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21 products of 21

Gold aquamarine jewelry

It is our favorite stone for the summer, the one that reminds us of the paradise islands, waiting for the vacations.
Find in our selection, THE aquamarine pendant or earring that will satisfy all your desires.
In addition to being one of the world's most beloved gemstones, aquamarine is perfect for an engagement ring or wedding band, as it represents a happy and faithful marriage. Come see our selection of antique aquamarine rings.
Aquamarine is also a symbol of 23 years of marriage, so an antique aquamarine jewel would be a perfect gift for the Beryl Wedding.
Each aquamarine jewel has a story and each one is unique. A certificate of authenticity is issued by our Certified Gemologist.

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