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Amethyst : Discover its characteristics and our selection of Amethyst Jewelry

Name and characteristics of the Amethyst

The most beautiful amethysts of purple turning to the color of wine. And it is from the effects of this drink that this stone would take its name. In Greek, amethustos means "who is not drunk". It is said that wearing an amethyst prevents drunkenness and cures its effects.

A symbol of chastity, wisdom, serenity and modesty, it was adopted as the stone that adorns the episcopal ring.

In the closed circle of gemstones, amethyst is unavoidable because of its rare hue. Of the quartz family, amethyst gets its sublime color from its concentration of iron manganese. 

Highly prized in the 19th century, then of significant size set with claws, it adorns vintage rings. It is making a comeback today.

It must have a very strong, vivid color.

Amethysts care

Amethyst has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale which makes it a fairly hard gem, resistant to scratches and cosmetics or household products. However, any violent shock can damage it.

A simple wash with soapy water can be recommended to maintain it, followed by a gentle drying.

Stories and beliefs about Amethyst

Don't just be enchanted by the enchanting appearance of its purple color. Amethyst hides a more mystical beauty at its core, one of powerful vibrations that protect against negative environments. Amethyst is said to combat stress and anxiety, convert energy into love, and develop powers of concentration, intuition and memory.

Amethyst deposits throughout the world

The main deposits of amethyst were initially discovered in South America, more precisely in Uruguay and Brazil.

Today the stones are mined in a large part of the planet : in American, African (richer stone in terms of color), Russian and Australian countries (smaller and darker stone). However, the highest concentration of amethysts still comes from South American countries. 

Famous Amethysts

The royal scepter of England has a globular amethyst set in it. A splendid faceted amethyst of 343 carats from Brazil, and two others from Russia of 97 and 75 carats are displayed at the British Museum in London.

Amethysts are also found on the Royal Crown of the Queen of England. And on the Seal of Cleopatra was set an Amethyst among other gemstones.

Choose your Amethyst jewel

Revitalizing, it gives all amethyst jewelry a note of originality. On earrings, bracelets or necklaces, alone or in combination with other colored stones, amethyst will sometimes reveal its pastel softness, sometimes its vibrant purple power.

Whether you believe in its spiritual power or not, you will not be able to resist the captivating charm of the amethyst jewelry offered by Maison Baume.

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