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Why have your jewelry appraised ? Call on a certified expert

The jewel expertise to sell

You wish to part with your belongings for a reason of your own. In this case, it is important to contact a professional specializing in antique or second-hand jewelry. 
If it is about an antique jewel in particular, a serious professional will be able to explain to you the specificity of your jewel, its period, its transformations, its use...
Very few professionals have the triple competence :

  • Appraiser in jewelry : knowledge of metals and the way they are used
  • Appraiser in precious stones - Gemmologist graduated from the State (and not from private organizations where it is enough to pay to be graduated...)
  • Appraiser in art objects and collection which is the case for the old jewels.

The jewelry expertise will give you the value of use : it is the average value given to the jewels which were created there is more than 2 years or which are antique. This price corresponds to the value including all taxes of your jewel in the trade of antique and second-hand jewelry. It is this value that insurance companies take into account in their theft/habituation contract.
Of course, the value of use is not the value at which a professional will buy back your jewelry.

Jewelry expertise for sharing - inheritance

You have inherited a jewel or a set of jewels and wish to appraise your jewels in view of a sharing ?
In this case, the certified jewel expert will communicate to you the realization or inheritance value. It is the average price which would be proposed to you by a specialized professional or the price practiced in public sales rooms. Note that this type of expertise is valid at a given moment. Indeed, as it concerns gold and antique jewelry, the values can vary over time according to the fluctuation of precious metal prices and the scarcity of certain types of antique jewelry.
This expertise is usually done in writing but can also be done verbally if you wish. 

Jewelry expertise for insurance

The preliminary jewelry expertise is to be realized if you wish to evaluate the value of your goods in order to insure them.

Obligatorily in writing, the approved jewelry Appraiser will be able to communicate to you the replacement value that the insurance companies take into account in their contract of theft / housing.

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