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The History of Turquoise and this Baume Creation Necklace

Turquoise, the gem of lovers

Turkey, once a commercial transit country for turquoise, gave it its name. Sensitive to heat because it is rich in water, turquoise is characterized by a light blue, intense and waxy hue. Rarely of an intense and pure blue, it is often found crossed by veins of pyrite, sandstone or jasper. It is then called matrix turquoise. The best quality turquoise deposits are found in the north of Iran, the so-called Persian turquoise is the rarest and most sought after. 

Already exploited 4000 years before JC, turquoise was used to set turquoise ornaments or reduced to powder to make decorations and eye shadow. Talisman stone, the turquoise blue was also considered as the color of lovers. Offering a turquoise jewel was a sign of attachment.

A unique Turquoise and Coral Necklace

The stone of the month of December, turquoise is featured on several pieces of turquoise jewelry in our collection, in particular this splendid turquoise and coral long necklace. Made up of more than a thousand round turquoise pearls of varying sizes, this turquoise necklace has been entirely strung and tied by hand. Having required hours of painstaking work, it is enhanced with coral sticks that contrast beautifully with the blue of the turquoise.

This creation necklace can be worn in different ways : knotted on the front, surrounding the neck of one or more rows, in long format or elegantly knotted in the back to be worn with a dress with a plunging back neckline.

In the spirit of the bayardère necklaces very fashionable in the 1930s, this turquoise and coral necklace is a unique piece made by us.


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