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Yellow gold pearl and diamond brooch - Sentimental pearl jewel - Antique diamond brooch

Belle Epoque jewelry

The Belle Epoque extends from the end of the XIXth century until the first world war which put an end to it, by force of circumstance. It is following this last one that this period was baptized thus, in opposition to the terrible years which have just passed.
It is a period of prosperity: the economic system is successful, and many technical innovations are born.

Belle Epoque jewelry is a continuation of 19th century jewelry. Fine jewelry with rounded shapes that give pride of place to representations of nature and women. The preferred shapes are ribbons, knots, crosses or volutes. Yellow gold, often matte or satin-finished, predominates and precious stones are used, with a particular affection for diamonds and pearls.

The jewels were composed with a lot of stones and the settings were more precise, especially thanks to the greater use of platinum, the hallmark of which was officially registered in 1914.

Love stronger than war

In the midst of the First World War, Germaine and Jean-Pierre celebrated a happy event : their 20th wedding anniversary. An important date engraved in the profiles of this magnificent antique brooch, which sealed a part of their history in precious metal.

Made of 18 karat yellow gold, this antique brooch has the characteristics of the Belle Epoque : plant motifs, numerous gems, the roundness of the pearls, a platinum setting...

Indeed, the line of rose-cut diamonds that composes it is punctuated by three natural button pearls, the central one being framed by leaf-shaped motifs set with diamonds.
Each profile is adorned with an inscription bearing the history of this jewel : on one side the first names of the lovers: "Jean-Pierre, Germaine" and on the other important dates: "16 Nov 1897, 16 Nov 1917".

Given the particular context of this wedding anniversary, we can imagine the wealth of inventiveness that had to be deployed for this piece of jewelry to see the light of day : bypassing rationing, transforming older jewelry, uncertain daily life... And beyond the inscriptions on the profiles, it is a highly symbolic brooch that has come down to us: it is adorned with 20 diamonds, like the number of years of marriage it represents, and one can easily think that the natural pearls represent the couple's three children.

A jewel, witness of a happy moment of life, which carries in it the symbol of a certain resistance and the triumph of feelings over difficult events.

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