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Natural or cultured pearl jewelry : Antique jewelry Charming pearl par excellence

Natural pearl, Cultured pearl, Keyshi pearl...and many others...

What they have in common is their birthplace, but the formation of these treasures of the sea is quite different.

The natural pearl forms naturally within a shell. It is the layers of mother-of-pearl accumulated around a small foreign shell that has entered the host that forms a pearl of varying size and shape. Fine pearls have become rare. Only antique jewelry still contains them. The largest and most beautiful of them see their price soar.

The cultured pearl is artificially formed in the shell in which the hand of man comes to implant a nucleus around which the mother-of-pearl settles in fine layers. Of various origins, the most beautiful were cultivated in the 1930s in Japan. Some are more characteristic by their orient (color) than others like the Tahitian pearl with its gray shades or the Gold pearl with its golden hues from the South Seas. 

The Keyshi pearl is without a doubt the most original. Naturally formed inside a shell, the nacre is deposited randomly because the implanted nucleus has been rejected. It then forms pearls with incredible contours. Their orient is always incredibly nuanced and soft. Pearls that Mother Nature has created individually...

Natural pearl antique jewelry : Delicacy and femininity

Many of the pearl jewelry pieces we present include pearls but this one in particular caught our attention.

This very rare gold medallion comes to us directly from the 19th century in perfect condition. This collector's item entirely created in 18 carat yellow gold has 2 distinct faces. One is entirely covered with fine half pearls arranged with elegance and precision. A work of goldsmith for the craftsman who collected one by one the pearls, selected them then set them one by one and with precision on this natural pearl jewel. The other side presents elegantly engraved initials.

This antique pendant beyond its ornamental role has a function of reliquary. It was common in the 19th century to keep a sign of attachment to a loved one close to the heart. A lock of hair, a drawing or a photo were thus preserved within these lucky charms or souvenirs. Another specificity of this jewel is its size. Indeed, the medallions of the time were usually small. This one has a nice volume. 


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