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Name and characteristics of the Coral

Coral is a material of marine origin born in clear, warm and calm waters. It is built by colonies of small animals, the polyps, which secrete a calcareous substance allowing them to attach themselves to each other. This one grows year after year to form a tree with multiple branches.

With an origin that goes back to the Neolithic period, the coral stone has always been synonymous with mystery and magic. A symbol of vitality and joie de vivre, today it adorns the most precious antique jewelry as well as the simplest, but always with a touch of undeniable natural elegance. In short, here is the story of this stone like no other.

Various varieties of Coral

There are different types of coral whose shades vary according to their geographical origin but also today of the treatments that the gem may have received: red coral from Japan or the Mediterranean, golden coral from China or black coral from the Pacific.

Stories and beliefs around the Coral

The first traces of coral stone date back to the Neolithic period. At that time, it is found in tombs in the form of inlays, or trimmings of objects to accompany the dead. But it is especially on the side of ancient Greece that it acquires its letters of nobility and in particular, in "the metamorphoses" of Ovid. According to the legend, the look of the gorgon Medusa that Perseus covers gives birth to this gem.

Both mystical and magical, the corals passed from the Romans to the medieval period without losing their beauty. A symbol of fertility in Europe, they are also a symbol of wealth in China and generally represent a high social status. As for the Amerindians, they consider it as a sacred stone able to protect against the evil eye.

In lithotherapy, the coral gem is said to have many virtues.

A stone of protection par excellence, coral jewelry can help overcome many conflicts, whether external or private. From a symbolic point of view, it is reputed to protect against the evil eye and curses.

Often used in meditation, it restores energy and vitality while increasing the joy of living. By fighting effectively against sadness and aggressive people, it also protects from nightmares, especially in young children.

Whether you believe in its virtues or not, coral does not leave you indifferent.

Origin and composition

Coral stone is an organic material. It develops from the skeletons of coral polyps, which are animals that do not exceed one millimeter. When they die, the skeletons pile up to form the coral reefs. It takes about 100,000 years to achieve this.

Today, we find deposits all over the world, from Malaysia to the Canary Islands, through Japan and especially the Mediterranean. Indeed, it is on the side of Sardinia, Tunisia and Algeria that we find the main workshops with an almost exclusive side of Torre del Greco, in Italy. 

What materials should it be combined with?

For a note that is both majestic and terribly luxurious, we prefer to go for the agreement between coral stone and yellow gold. Between harmony and contrast, these are coral jewels that will certainly not go unnoticed and that will impose themselves by their natural delicacy. For more finesse, we also admire the agreement with white gold.

Incredibly bright, the red tone brings a touch of softness largely counterbalanced by the white for a touch of subtle elegance.

With silver, you offer yourself a jewel synonymous with contrast since the gray will undoubtedly underline the brightness of your stone.

Finally, you should know that it is also a gem that can easily be matched with other gemstones such as emerald for a natural harmony, or turquoise for an incredibly dynamic chromatic shock.

Coral care

Coral is extremely resistant.

 However, there are a few precautions to take to avoid tarnishing its shine:

  • avoid putting your coral jewelry in contact with perfume
  • avoid cleaning with ultrasound or abrasive products
  • avoid chlorine, salt water or very hot water 

This resistance allows a very simple maintenance of the coral: just a little warm soapy water applied possibly with the assistance of a flexible brush to dislodge the impurities of the interstices.

Choose your Coral jewel

Used for a long time in jewelry, we find antique coral jewelry from different periods and styles: coral rings, coral bracelets, coral necklaces, coral earrings, coral pendants, coral brooches and even many objects made of coral have been fashioned using this noble material. Sublimated by the greatest houses, the coral jewelry has nothing to envy to the most beautiful gems.

Presented on the antique jewel, the coral is often of very beautiful quality, without treatment or coloring to enhance its original color. We advise you to choose natural, uncolored coral, with an intense shade of red for Mediterranean coral or "angel skin coral",that is a pale and soft pink, shaded and satiny.

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Particularly appreciated by all the magazines, coral is the jewelry trend not to be missed. 

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