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Women's sapphire earring - White gold sapphire earrings - Platinum sapphire earrings

Blue sapphires or colored sapphires, discover our selection of unique sapphire earrings certified by our approved Jewelry Appraiser. This gem is a corundum and comes in dark blue to light blue but also other colors (pink, orange-pink), its coloring comes from iron and titanium. It is one of the four most affordable gems in terms of price. Fall in love with our selection of sapphire earrings in white gold, yellow or pink rose gold, platinum, vermeil or silver. Antique earrings can date back to 1900 if you are looking for an authentic style. If you are looking for other stones, check out our selection of emerald or ruby earrings.

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Women's sapphire earring

The sapphire earrings, whether they are pendant or sleepers, will dress your ears in a chic and refined way. Each piece of jewelry is unique and is appraised by our gemologist who attaches a certificate of authenticity to each piece. Maison Baume also offers you the possibility to create your own sapphire jewelry. If you have any ideas, contact us to discuss your project !

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