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Antique jewelry Snakes : Antique ring or other jewel, discover their meaning

Antique gold snake ring, symbol of love and attachment

The first bestiary jewelry featuring snakes appeared during the Restoration. Still very much in vogue under Napoleon III, this highly symbolic animal is most often illustrated in the form of an antique ring, antique bracelet or brooch. Referring to the biblical text "Be careful like the serpent", the reptile is also a symbol of love and fidelity.

It was offered as an engagement or wedding ring to both men and women. The boa or coiled snake, which bites its tail, is the ultimate symbol of eternal love.

These snake jewels and in particular the snake rings are worn with the head going up on the finger, in the direction of the heart, in reference to its symbolism.

Highly prized or hated, the snake jewelry fascinates and intrigues. The most beautiful creations present a precise detail of chiseling of the scales and eyes set with precious stones. 

The 60's took up this bestiary theme and variations with more geometric lines were born.

Antique engagement jewelry for men and women

This man's gold ring from the second half of the 19th century comes to us in a perfect state of preservation. It represents a snake that is entwined twice around the finger and that goes up on the latter. The tail is curled in an elegant movement and the head of the animal is directed towards the heart. The head and neck are chiseled to represent scales and eyes.

This ring was the one and only one that Mr. Charles B. wore all his life. Bourgeois and gentleman, he was in love with Mrs G. whom he asked to marry him in 1843. To symbolize the eternal love they had for each other, both exchanged snake wedding rings made of yellow gold and custom made by a Parisian jeweler. He bequeathed it to his eldest son, the fruit of their love, at the dawn of his 65th birthday. 

Originally a man's antique ring, this gold snake ring can easily be adapted for a woman's finger.


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