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Bague Citrine ancienne pour femme

Citrine is a variety of quartz with a yellow to orange hue, which will look great with a yellow gold ring. If you're looking for a vintage citrine ring for women, check out the jewelry pieces we offer in this category. For example, you'll find a vintage-style 18k yellow gold citrine ring, or a Belle Epoque 18k rose gold citrine and diamond ring.
Citrine takes its name from its yellow color and from the Latin "citrus" which means "lemon". It is associated, in lithology, with the joy of living and abundance. It is a stone that will purify its wearer and its environment, by absorbing negative energies. Citrine was very present on the antique jewelry of the 60s and 70s because it is possible to find large enough crystals to adorn the cocktail rings so popular at that time.

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Bague Citrine ancienne pour femme

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